UNICAC – W.P. 3.3.2. Boosting International Research Development and Innovations


In the framework of the UNICAC project the series of seminars dedicated to the Boosting International Research Development and Innovations (RDI) and disseminating and exploiting the UNICAC results with the regional and local RDI community was organized jointly with the experts from the LAUREA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, FINLAND, Ms. Tuija Hirvikoski and Ms. Minttu Raty and the local experts and participants from partner universities INSTITUTE OF ECONOMY AND TRADE OF TSUC in KHUJAND (IET TSUC) and KHOROG STATE UNIVERSITY named after MOYONSHO NAZARSHOEV (KhSU). The seminars took place in Khujand, from 06-08 April 2022, and IET TSUC was a hosting organization. The main objectives of the seminars building capacities in internationalisation of the research and innovation activities in the partner universities, and drafting a roadmap for Internationalisation of research and innovations.

Seminar Agenda



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