Project Summary


The project UNICAC will foster the cross-regional and international cooperation of HEIs within the European Union, Central Asia and China through a plan that will contribute towards the following:

  • modernization of International Relations Offices in terms of infrastructures and human capital;
  • promotion of the international network of cooperation among HEIs;
  • strengthening knowledge on Teaching, Learning an Research matters;
  • designing and testing an innovative interregional and international mobility framework for students, professors, researchers and university staff, thus contributing to their national demands.

UNICAC will develop a Cross-Regional Network for International Cooperation involving 3 regions: EU, Central Asia and China.

CONSORTIUM is composed of 10 HEIs from 6 different countries: SEVILLA Spain, TORINO Italy, VANTAA Finland, TASHKENT Uzbekistan, TASHKENT Uzbekistan, KHOROG Tajikistan, Khujand Tajikistan, Urumqi China (People’s Republic of China), XI AN (People’s Republic of China), YANGLING (People’s Republic of China).

The project will be coordinated by Seville University. Duration: 36 months (15/01/2019 – 12/02/2021)

PROJECT AIM – сreating a Network for International Cooperation that will enhance the development of joint initiatives and knowledge transfer among the partner members.


  • Benchmarking and identification of potentials, and development of national recommendations for international cooperation in T/L/R in UZ, TJ and CN
  • Enhancement of strategic, infrastructural and human capacities in 7 PC HEIs as a model for the development and modernisation of institutional management of International Relations in UZ, TJ and CN
  • Design and implementation of a IC framework for HEIs in the “New Silk Road” area
  • Development of a cross-regional network for a structured dialogue on internationalisation, knowledge transfer and promotion of multi-lateral cooperation in HE in UZ, TJ and CN
  • Increasing the quality of training, favouring the transfer of knowledge and international mobility


  • Training for International Relations Officers
  • Development of Knowledge Transfer and Internationalisation Plans in participating CA and CN HEIs
  • Delivery of a seminar about International Mobility Management (preparation of participants, design of exchange frameworks, competence recognition, etc.)
  • Design of a Mobility Cooperation Framework
  • Pilot test
  • Creation of a transnational network for cross-regional and IC
  • Infrastructure updating (equipment purchase and installation, creation of International Relations Offices webpages and creation of a library gateway)

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