Practical Information

Housing information. Students who would like to stay at dormitory can contact the ICGE of the institute for placing. In a case a student would like to have a separate room or apartment nearby institute ICGE will assist, as well.


Health Insurance Information. If you have health insurance, please contact and send your insurance in English. ERASMUS Office at IET TSUC will approve your insurance before you apply for the Residence Permit. If you do not have any health insurance:  You have to provide a private health insurance to get the Residence Permit. You can purchase the private health insurance from an insurance company  in Tajikistan.

Please also note that coverage required by Residence Permit application is not a very comprehensive one. So please feel free to have a second insurance with more comprehensive coverage from your home country especially if you have any special health conditions.


Laptop & Computers. You may bring your own laptop, however our institute has computer station (more than 250) with free  Wi-Fi.


Mobile phone connection. Once you arrive in Tajikistan, there are two ways you can access mobile phone connection:

  • Through the roaming service which allows you to use your home country’s number.
  • Register the phone you came with from your home country, then buy a sim-card in Tajikistan. The registration costs approximately 10 TJS or approx. 1.2USD (current price, price changes may apply). Generally mobile network is cheap relatively to other countries.

There are three main carriers for mobile phones from which you can buy your sim-card:


Estimated cost of living per month. Tajikistan is quite affordable country to live. Here we have brought average expenses a student may have in Khujand:

  • Accommodation : 100 Euro /month / person
  •  Meals (IET TSUC Campus dining): 40 – 65 Euro / month /person
  • Transportation: 20 – 45 Euro / month /person
  • Others: 100 – 150 Euro /month /person


Social Media. 


Address: Somoni avenue 169 / Khujand / 735700 / Sughd Region / Tajikistan

To get the IET TSUC: Please click  for the link.