Visa Procedures

Would you like to explore Tajikistan but there are some visa issues? – Do not worry, we will give you some tips!

  • For some countries, applying to student visa is not compulsory. You can confirm this information visiting here.
  • If it’s still compulsory for your country, please don’t forget to apply for Student Visa from the Tajik Embassy/Consulate or alternatively you can do it online.
  • Erasmus students must apply for a “Short-term Residence Permit” by law. A residence permit should be obtained no later than 5 days after arrival. You will have to pay Residence Permit booklet fee (Currently 200 TJS).
  • For the questions and concerns about entry info, stay in and exit from Tajikistan, you can call Communication Center for Foreigners throughout Tajikistan 227-56-84, from abroad +992 (37) 227-67-11

Also you can find infromation click here.

Reminder: If you stay beyond the date your visa or residence permit expires, you will be fined at the port of exit and will be subject to a travel ban preventing you from re-entering Tajikistan for a period between three months to five years.

For more visa and residence permit information feel free to contact our International Center and Global Engagement:

Mukhtorov Saidqosim

Tel: +992 92 787 87 71


Okhunov Firuz

Tel: +992 92 858 84 82

Adress: Ismoili Somoni Avenue 169, Khujand city, 735700, Tajikistan


Hope to see you in Tajikistan!